Al Alborn & Associates

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Established 2002

Alan P. Alborn ("Al")
Principal, Al Alborn & Associates
I have made a successful career out of "connecting the dots" others fail to see.  Years of working with systems at the highest levels of the Military, Government and Industry and a Masters Degree in Systems Management from the University of Southern California helped me hone this natural gift. 

It is faster and cheaper to hire an experienced "gray beard" such as myself who can help a business avoid mistakes by talking to someone who has "been there and done that."

I provide advice which you won't find in any MBA Course, marketing class, or management book.  I have held senior engineering, management and company officer positions with Fortune 200 Companies (GE Aerospace, Texas Instruments Software, and SAIC), started my own company (Al Alborn & Associates), and provided consulting and mentoring to several "start-ups" as both a Strategic Consultant and "C" level employee.   

My current interests include facilitating solutions for business problems using Enterprise Architecture to define and understand the issues, strategic consulting, consulting regarding how Prince William County Virginia Government actually works (or how to "get what you want"), political and campaign consulting and advising on complex strategic management, marketing and workforce management issues.

I have associates with specific expertise upon whom I call when needed to provide advice and assistance to a client. 

I'm "retired," however, I will consider interesting projects advising former clients or referrals.  If you are familiar with my work, have a problem or issue in which I am interested, and wish to discuss engaging my services, contact me at

My resume may be found on Linkedin.
Every project has three dimensions:  Cost, scope and schedule. Understanding the relationship between these three dimensions, and how to manage them in a holistic fashion is perhaps the key to a successful delivery and a satisfied customer.

Robert M. Moseley ("Bob"), my friend, mentor and the person responsible for any modest success I have enjoyed in life gave me this advice in 1990 when I joined GE Aerospace. 

Bob taught me how to apply his principles to delight our customers over the many years of our association.