Virginia Trout Bum

I’m Al Alborn, the Virginia Trout Bum.

I spend my time chasing native Brook Trout in the headwaters of Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains and exploring its hidden streams and rivers.  I look for spots few others frequent.  Along the way, I pay attention to the state of Virginia’s environment, its water quality, and how the many critters that call the Commonwealth their home are doing. 

I engage in both Western and Japanese (Tenkara) fly fishing, constantly exploring new techniques to fool Brook Trout into taking whatever fly I am offering.

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I consider myself to be a pragmatic conservationist and naturalist. I prefer research based approaches and sound science over "hair on fire" emotional arguments when addressing environmental issues.  

I always want to see the math.  

I finished certification as a Virginia Master Naturalist, a Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Volunteer, a Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener, and an Audubon Society of Northern Virginia Audubon at Home Ambassador.  I am also a volunteer with the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.

I am available for interesting Conservation projects as an outdoor communicator to help tell the story.  My current interests are exploring the future of news and new ways of communicating with the public.

The journey is the reward.